Use of eduroam

There is almost no difference between connecting to an eduroam network and connecting to your own organization's network. You need to connect using the same authorization and encryption method that you use when connecting to your own organization's network using the same username and password. The only difference between it and your own organization is that its SSID, that is, the "Wireless Network Name", is different. If the SSID used in your institution is the same as other institutions, you can make a direct connection without having to do so. You can check the SSID's of eduroam member institutions on the information page of eduroam Turkey participants.

You can find out if the institution you are a guest of uses the same SSID within its users, hence the eduroam coverage on this page and on the information pages of the institution you are visiting. Network administrators of your own organization will help you with your connection settings and other details.